“Art is the harmony that guides my soul”

Hi, my name is Georgia Chantal Radici, I am an emerging artist from Bergamo who has always had the passion for art in all its forms. With the desire to take my own artistic journey, I started first with music and cooking and then moved on to professional photography. Finally I found my way in painting and collages.

Experimenting with mixed techniques, I express my style by creating paintings with oil and acrylic colors, adding floral decorations and inserts made from recycled materials. My subjects are mainly female figures praised in all their beauty and expressiveness.

I work in my kitchen, improvised as an artistic laboratory where in addition to paintings I dedicate myself to sewing and painting on clothing and accessories. I also create items that recall nature.

Moved recently to Berlin, I dream of make my passion into a job by participating in street markets and exhibitions and why not one day open my very own atelier.

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