Create your personal inspiration corner! Decorate your home with one of my collage artworks.

Be inspired by my collages enriched with dried flowers, beads and other recycled materials.

I experiment mixed techniques: I create artworks with oil and acrylic colors base and I add floral decorations or inserts from waste materials.
I like to use natural elements such as dry flowers and leaves or used materials: old fabrics and laceworks, threads, beads, feathers and much more.

My main collage artworks subjects are female figures and nature to express their beauty and power and the will to fight against all kinds of women repressions, prejudices and violence. I would like that women of all over the world can feel always confident and never give up on their dreams.

Nature is also really important to me: it is the mother of the earth and our creatures. It needs to be respected and honored in every moment of our lives.